The Coolest Keyboard Ever

One might think that a name like "Optimus Maximus" is a little pretentious for a keyboard. It would be, if it was any other keyboard.

Each of the 113 keys has a built-in 48x48 pixel OLED display. That means you can completely customize the layout of the key or the language of the characters displayed. It also allows you to assign custom commands to any key (i.e. add an eBay icon to a key that, when clicked, pops open a browser window, and goes directly to your auction page).

It comes from the very cool Moscow-based Art. Lebedov Studio who also created a small, 3-button version called the Optimus Mini Three. Which is great because to get the whole keyboard you will have to shell out over $1500USD.


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PLArt! said...

Keyboards are obsolete. Didn't you get the memo from Steve?