Moving to a new place

Nothing against Blogger, but I've decided to move my blog over to Tumblr. Check it out!

Staple City

Artist Peter Root created a miniature cityscape using 100,000 standard staples. It is called Ephemicropolis and the creation took 40 hours. Crazy thing is that this is a temporary installation, and some janitor will eventually have to come by and sweep this up. Watch the 'making of' video (with cool timelapse) here.

Tattoo You

The moodINQ programmable tattoo system helps take the regret out of permanent tattoos. The system require the implanting of a grid of e-ink (called a canvas) into your skin, which heals in 2-3 days and remains active in your skin for life, then you use the 'wand' and included software to decide what ink you want. When you get tired of the tat simply choose another design and use the wand again. The system is going for $150 on ThinkGeek, but does not include the implant of the canvas. I don't think this will exactly solve the problem of bad taste in tattoos but at least those people can update their Taz tats with Spongebob or something.

Some like it hot...and dimensional

Heatswell is a material that, when heated, reacts by changing it's shape by way of an endothermic reaction. Heatswell is just one of many awesome creation by Scott Amron at Amron Experimental.

Creationist Theory

I have been a long time fan of Colorado-based artist Evan Hecox. He has been commissioned by everyone from Chocolate Skateboards to Target. His latest collaboration is through the continuing series or products by Incase (curated by Arkitip). This video shows Evan as he creates some of his awesome work.

"Lions" Music Video

This only kinda qualifies as a 'shameless self-promotion" because I'm really promoting my friend's band Pacific Theater. The video was made by James Gannon, Joseph Gannon and myself.

Full credits:
Written & Directed by James P. Gannon, Joseph K. Gannon, Matt Ferrin
Cinematographer: Peter Yoon
Editor: James P. Gannon
Cast: Erin Rudy, James D. Cochran, Anna Gannon, Joseph K. Gannon, Mike Bain, Alex Habet, Matt Ferrin


Tucked among the many Hurt Locker wins at the Oscars last night was the award for best animated short film. Logorama, the winner, constructs an entire world out of brands' logos and mascots.

In his acceptance speech, producer Nicolas Schmerkin, acknowledged his lack of permission to use the trademarks by saying, "... I have to thank the 3,000 non-official sponsors that appear in the film. And I have to assure them that no logos were harmed in the making of the project."

Watch the entire film here.

Tick Tock

A while back, I wrote a post on the coolest keyboard I've ever seen. The super awesome designers at Art Lebedev Studio have done it again. The Segmentus is an analog version of a digital clock. And I want one.

Is That Freedom Rock? Well, Turn It Up Man!

Warning: self-promotion. Earthstock is a virtual rally for climate change. It draws in feeds from Twitter and Facebook collecting the chatter on the issue. You can post/tweet from within the site. The site is part of a larger campaign we created for Consequence, a coalition of environmental and youth activist groups.

Puzzle House

When the Sherry-Klinsky family hired architectural designer Eric Clough, they didn't know the journey they were about to embark on. Clough met with the family which triggered the idea of embedding a series of puzzles and riddles throughout the apartment. The result is a luxury Upper East Side apartment that doubles as a game. A real-life version of the popular 'escape the room' style games. Read the story here.