A Tree Grows In CyberSpace

I know that bloggers are supposed to be on top of the newest trends but some times things kinda get by you somehow. This is an example of just that.

The Japanese electronics company NEC probably realized that the production of their wares isn't exactly making the world any cleaner, so they decided to do something that does make the world cleaner: plant trees. And they are doing it in a very cool way. The program is called Ecotonoha and visitors to the project's website can go on and add branches to virtual trees and add a short message.

Once a virtual tree is complete, it gets archived and then will count towards the total of real trees that are then planted around the world by NEC.

The site, which is a thing of beauty, was created by Japanese interactive agency tha Ltd.

Even though this is "old news", I think it is important to note that this project is now on it's fourth year and still going strong, showing that this wasn't just a quick PR stunt.



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