The Fresh Prince of Online Grocery

I have a new online addiction. And it bleeds into my 'offline' life too. It is Freshdirect, and after only two orders from them I am very excited.

Living in a city(without a car) makes it hard to do any sort of substantial grocery shopping. That is, unless it gets delivered to your door.

Freshdirect isn't exactly trying anything new, but they do seem to have learned from others mistakes. Back in the early 2000s online delivery startups like, UrbanFetch and the California-based WebVan tried to make the quick turn-around delivery of food stuffs and other products the hallmark of the new Internet. Then the bubble burst.

But as we have seen from the reconstruction of the web, now a little more thought out and planned, web-based companies like NetFlix (have post in the works about them) are thriving.

FreshDirect are not the only food delivery service. MaxDelivery is an online grocery, DVD and drug store that guarantees delivery of your order within an hour. Even Amazon is getting into the food home delivery service.



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