Banned From The End Of The World

After 14 years of development in an underground tunnel in Switzerland, the wait will be over. The finishing touches are being put on the Hadron Collider, the world's largest particle accelerator. It has been built to recreate little, mini versions of the Big Bang. While the scientists involved in the project have assured us that there is "little chance" of side effects (such as a world imploding black hole), many are very weary of allowing this massive device to be turned on. Several groups around the world, including scientists, have lawsuits against the flipping of Haddy's 'ON' switch. There have also been numerous death threats towards the scientists involved. The complex will be turned on for the first time on Wednesday, September 10th and will only be powered up to 10% of its total power. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE 9/10/08: We're still alive.
UPDATE 9/23/08: It's broken. Maybe next year.



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