Eco-Friendly Electronics

The (re)drive (pictured above) by SimpleTech is hopefully a look into the future of electronics and computing. It is fabricated using Aluminum, which is the 'most recycled metal on the planet' and everyone's favorite new green material, bamboo. The innards of the drive are low-power and comes with a Energy Star Level 4-qualified power adapter (which saves up to 30% of the power used by a non-Energy Star adapter).

Just don't plan on hookin' this guy up to your Mac just yet. It uses the new Turbo USB 2.0 interface, which has yet been integrated with Macs.

Speaking of Apple (no, I'm not going to speculate about MacWorld rumours)... A major shift in Apple's policy regarding the use of renewable materials. Perhaps due to pressure to change from people like Greenpeace and other organizations. Apple will now post an 'Environmental Status Report' about each of it's products.

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