Mmmm...BBQ Worm Crisps

After watching several hours of a Survivorman marathon, you might start to actually crave a roasted mealy worm. But your local grocer is too close-minded to carry worms, of any kind!
The London-based company, Edible will help feed your cravings, however obscure. Their offerings include such delicacies as Oven-Baked Tarantulas, BBQ Worm Crisps, Scorpion Vodka, and the above pictured Toasted Giant Leafcutter Ants. Their wares go beyond just insect-based munchies. They also offer varieties of coffee beans(picked from the feces of the Common Palm Civet Cat or regurgitated from Vietnamese Weasels, your choice). They also offer Apothecary items such as the relaxing Ambergris Wash(made from secretion of a Sperm Whale after it has consumed a Giant Squid, so it's kinda rare stuff).

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