Cental Park Is A Total Waste Of Space

New Yorkers pass through it's three closest airports more often than they visit Central Park. So, why not make it more convenient?

That is the idea behind the Manhattan Airport Foundation. However, it is only a joke. The first headline you see on the site is: "New York City's largest remaining underdeveloped parcel of land handed down from our great-grandparents generation boldly reimagined by our generation and bestowed as a gift upon our children and grandchildren." The joke is intricately done and the site is thorough, complete with an interview with an "ancestor of Frederick Law Olmsted", the original landscape architect of Central Park.

In the end, the 'project' pans out as a commentary on the greed in our capitalist society and our abuse of the environment, but in an almost believable, Onion-esque, satirical way.

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