Clean Energy Scares Corporate Fat Cats

If the United States starts really working toward a clean energy economy now it could have a ripple effect that could actually make a huge difference in our world. Here's how:

1. In December the United Nations Climate Change Conference is happening in Copenhagen. This is a big deal. If you recall, under the Bush Administration, the United States did not take part in the Kyoto Protocol, a global treaty to combat climate change. Copenhagen is basically part two of Kyoto. If the US doesn't make some real movement towards progress in cutting it's CO2 emissions, other countries will potentially start backing out.

2. Less than a month ago, Senator's Kerry and Boxer introduced a bill entitled the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. This bill, if paid attention to, could be the exact step in the right direction this country needs to show that clean energy, and carbon emission reduction are something we are taking very seriously in this country.

3. Right now all those typical DC lobbyists (representing big oil and pals) are pressuring 'on-the-fence' Senators to stay away from energy reform. They are saying all kinds of unfounded things from it will drive up the cost of energy to extreme things like global warming is a myth. This is not good. If these are the only voices these Senators are hearing, they may just believe them.

4. A real clean energy economy in this country will create tons of new jobs, stimulate our economy and reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

Ok, so it's been a long post. And this issue has many more components and can get very confusing very fast. But if you agree that Climate Change in real, and that we need our government to take a leadership role in protecting the environment, email your senator. It takes less than a minute.

Today is Blog Action Day for Climate Change.

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