Tattoo You

The moodINQ programmable tattoo system helps take the regret out of permanent tattoos. The system require the implanting of a grid of e-ink (called a canvas) into your skin, which heals in 2-3 days and remains active in your skin for life, then you use the 'wand' and included software to decide what ink you want. When you get tired of the tat simply choose another design and use the wand again. The system is going for $150 on ThinkGeek, but does not include the implant of the canvas. I don't think this will exactly solve the problem of bad taste in tattoos but at least those people can update their Taz tats with Spongebob or something.

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Matt Ferrin said...

April fool's! ThinkGeek are masters at this April Fool's stuff. To see all their awesome (and sadly fake) products, go here: