Only 200 Millions Years Until We All Own Google

The above diagram shows part of the system developed by GWEI (Google Will Eat Itself) an organization that believes they have created a system to buy Google using money that is generated from it's AdSense program.

It is a lot more complicated than this but basically, they create AdSense accounts, place them on hidden websites and create automated click-though programs. This generates money, that then then use to purchase stock in Google. Ultimately they handover the accumulated shares to the GTTP (Google To The People Public Company) which anyone can join.

So far they have 292 shares of the company, valued at $131,148.88 USD. However, at the current rate, it will take approximately 202,345,125 years until they completely own Google.



Mark Wall said...

I'd love to own Google, In fact before it got big, I was thinking about investing stock in it as it was always my favorite search engine since like 1995. Oh that one haunted meeee.

Anthony said...

Well, I must say, this is quite something. You have gotten off to a great start!

When it comes to Surfer's Paradise it's about quality not quantity. So, you're in!

For your information I thought the space junk, drawing sheep and "running The numbers" posts were all great.

Now, let's get that adsense account set up!


K T Cat said...

Wow! It took Oorg a lot less time than that to become a millionaire!