WTF? (updated!)

UPDATE (Thursday, Sept. 6th, 4:30pm): Well, Apple has redeemed themselves. Steve Jobs has spoken.

Apple pissed me off yesterday. Yeah, it's great news: The iPhone dropped in price! By $200 dollars! Well, whoopty-friggin-do. What about all your diehard loyalists? What about the people that were responsible for hyping the crap out of the iPhone to begin with? What about the people who stood in line, making the launch of the iPhone make the 11 o'clock news? ALL SUCKERS!!! At least that's the message that Apple sent yesterday. Well, that and, we screwed up by overcharging for the iPhone to begin with.

Why do I care so much? Because my $600 dollar iPhone was purchased 21 days ago. And yesterday when I went into the Apple store they were only giving refunds to those whom had purchased their iPhones within the past 14 days.

Yes, a fifteen day return policy is typical for most corporations. Perhaps in my idealistic head, I thought Apple might just behave a little different that most corporations.

So, next time Apple releases a hot new product and you are just dying to get your hands on it, just remember, Apple thinks you are a gullible sucker, not a loyalist.

My sentiments are shared by many others: Apple 2.0, Apple Insider, Gawker, and TinyScreenfuls who actually offers a possible solution.



Sempre Libera said...

I was just about to send you a link to the story. Some consolation, at least, though from a PR perspective they really should have thought about it beforehand.

Matt Ferrin said...

I totally agree. How could they not have seen this coming?

PLArt! said...

The question is how can you drop the price of a product so drastically so soon? It makes you wonder how they came up with the oringinal price. $600 seemed like a lot for a phone and much was made of the high price, and now it turns out that they didn't really need to charge that much?! A surprising lack of forethought from God, I mean Mr. Jobs.